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Seatac updated map 3-1-14 rough27from128

Seatac Updates 7-8-13


The new nine is shaping up nicely. We have 1 remaining hole that looks pretty rough(#25), otherwise the rest are looking pretty good. Check them out pictured below. especially new #4 and #26 have grass thats starting to grow,and is looking very inviting.

Photo Jul 07, 6 15 21 PM

NEW #4 right side long pin positions green


Photo Jul 07, 6 13 39 PM

NEW #25 from tee pad


Photo Jul 07, 6 11 49 PM

NEW #26 from tee pad

Photo Jul 07, 6 11 04 PM

NEW #26 right side pin position

Photo Jul 07, 6 09 44 PM

New #4 from tee pad

Photo Jul 07, 6 08 54 PM

NEW #4 right side fairway

Photo Jul 07, 6 08 16 PM

NEW #4 left side fairway



Seatac Updates 3-23-13



New #4 left pin green looking back from basket before the DR did some work


close up of #4 green before 


#4 green after the DR did some clearing


#5 fairway from tee pad

Photo Mar 10, 6 18 29 PM

#24 fairway midway down after blackberry removal on  left side

Photo Mar 10, 6 45 46 PM

Pile of trees and blackberries removed from #24 

Photo Mar 10, 6 43 34 PM

#24 right side of fairway midway down after removing lotsa holly and blackberry

Photo Mar 10, 6 43 25 PM

#24 midway down fairway right side,after doing work




Pictured below is the easiest and more popular fix to the 16 perm in play.


This is the final layout idea in place.Just a matter of time and it will be in play. 

We will need 6 new teepads and 14 sleeves in the ground. We will also need to break up 5 old tee pads,as well as 2 temp tee pads and adding them to a rock wall for hole #8 as well as an elevated hole #20. If all goes well,maybe even a bridge from hole #5 to hole #6. Wanna help? shoot over and e-mail to: chainbangerz@gmail.com. help is always encouraged and appreciated.  








All new nine fairways are roughly cut in. Still ALLOT of clean up needs to be done until the pads and baskets go in,and the holes are in play.

New #1 before

#1 before we cleared it

New #1 after



New #2 after


new #3 from tee, before tree removal

#3 rough cut

Halfway down new #3 fairway

#3 at bottleneck

New #3 with Erick Illg's handy work, shaping up some lines

#3 before tree removal

New #3 after tree removal

#3 after tree removal

New #4 from proposed pad

#4 from tee pad

#4 laurel before thining

#4 before laurel removal

#4 left side pin before after rough clear, before limbing

#4 left pin position

#4 right side pin before any limbing

#4 right pin position

new #25 after bobcat blazed a few paths 


#26 panoramic

#26 panoramic

looking back at #26 teepad, to the right

#26 from midway looking back at pad

#26 mid way down the fairway

#26 up shot to pin #2

#26 from the pad

#26 from pad

Stay tuned much more to come, looking good for a solid week of work so far...

Thanks Erick Illg, Jeff,JUB,Eric Egerton,Tom Sullivan and the Seattle U crew for two days of solid work. 


2013 ACES


Great job William Lawson hittin that ACE during the weekly dubs.


2012 ACES

Great job Doug Hale on your ace tonight at the Thursday night Lakewood Dubz. 







Never mind the plural (courses) these maps were used at the City of Seatac Council Meeting. 

They are a guide as to where the existing holes are and where the additional holes are going.

ExistingDiscGolfCourses ProposedDiscGolfCourses

This is a picture of new #1 before we got started.

5 4

Chuck with the goat starting to claer new #1

2 3 1

This picture is new #24 fairway looking pretty nice. Getting cleared by the help of Chuck,Eric, and the goat.

Last year it got the initial bobcat clearing so the regrowth is signifigantly less than the new nine.

Check back for progress. E-mail :chainbangerz@gmail.com to find out how to lend a hand. 

Great job Ming!! Cheers to you on your latest ACE at Lakewood during the Sunday weekly dubz.

Check it out live and in stereo right HERE.

Not only did he hit the ACE,but also won the Seatac monthly acepot earlier that day.

And got one of the CTP's during the dubz,while his partner,ACE BURG,who shot the video got the other two CTP's. 

Great job guys, thanks for the support,and thank you ACE for the great footage.



The new year is rapidly approaching, so its that time to renew your club membership. Check here for a really fun way to do so. The 2012 membership drive tournament coming up soon. Hope you enjoy being part of the Chainbangers Disc Golf Club and apreciate your membership and support throughout the 2011 year.  Keep the chains ringin.

HUGE THANKS GO OUT TO: THE NORTH PARK DISC GOLFERS. Specifically the guys and gals listed below. They all pitched in and will soon see a basket at SEATAC Disc golf Course memorializing this action. Thank you all very much, this means allot to all of us. Without your help and support we would not be able to keep the baskets in the ground at SEATAC. Its gonna be great to see this basket adoption program becoming a reality.

Cheers! keep the chains bangin!!!



2011 ACES

At least at Lakewood there have been a few aces hit, Some recreational,some during tournament or doubles rounds. Lets give a round of applause for these folks,great job to each and everyone of you:

RECREATIONAL ACES: Mike Johnson #15 Havoc 7-1,Zach Collins #2 Katana 6-16,C-FEDD #13 Glo Roc,Travis Clark #14 Champ Ape (that I gave him and he hit on its first flight,nicejuan)7-21,Garrett Santora #2 Valk 7-27, Triston "Rolly" Hundley #18 Glow Destroyer 7-22, Art Chambers #5 Goldline Pain 9-2

THURSDAY DUBS:Ryan Guiher hole #5,Ray Sanchez hole #1,Kevin Clark hole #17,Tuffi Dolan hole #5

ryanace kevinace tuffiace



Steve Paulus #15 field ace in the long ,Bjorn Pinney #15 in the short, Gordy Kirkpatrick #14

6072473466_9552dceb61_z 6072473522_d2e6b23358_z




In keeping with the Pro Worlds first disc golf tournament to offer $100,000 as a purse we felt it only our duty to offer 200 grand to our first place winner in the Washington State Superclass Tournament. As you can see pictured here not only did Kyle get a payday but also 200 grand for his win. Kyle Crabtree shot an amazling 3 down in the first round and an even more amazing 4 down second round. Keep in mind this was with a dislocated pinky and coming in to the round having not warmed up with a superclass disc until the day of only hours before. Truly a champion on the links that I can't say enough good things about. Great job Kyle. 


This superclass tournament was the last event that our chainbangers disc golf club events cordinator ANDREW RIVERS hosted.He will be moving on to brighter horizons and we wish him the best of luck on his journey.He will be pursuing a doctrine and this is no easy feat,so once again GOOD LUCK. As club president I figured the least I could do is what every momentus occasion calls for, CAKE!!! In this case it took two. I as well as the chainbangers disc golf club members and the seattle disc golf community appreciate not only all the hard work you have put in this year with the club events, buit the fact that without your kind donation one of the more premiere disc golf courses in Seattle would be in peril. Thank you Andrew! We will miss you!  












So here is a map (download here) of the ever evolving, still not 100% complete,layout for Lakewood: 1-12


Some holes may have more or less multiple pin positions. It just depends on how it plays and if we get a green light from the parks dept.



So a couple of weeks back(April 16th and 17th) we started breaking ground out at Lakewood. One of the first things we did was add a cool trail. We are calling it "Hyzer Creek Trail" for now. And we also added FOUR new sleeves for practice putting baskets. See pictures below and try to remember what the area looked like it before. You may not be able to,since it was too thick to even see anything,and people rarely go back there. I mean why would you? there was never a reason,unless it was for the Lakewood Open that you got to play a temp tourney hole.

IMG_1341 IMG_1345 IMG_1343


II know it seems silly to look at pictures of a trail & all, but what can I say. I'm proud of it. Thanks Erick Illg and Capt. Jack. 

While walking through the trail be on the lookout for "Ericks Arch". 

One thing I like to do is when I have work parties,or when your helping to do stuff on the course. Make it something you can remember you helped with,and put your mark on it. I think its great to be able to have some personal attachment that your proud of,so you can pass that on to the next person. 


The following week from on or around the 20th I was out there with Casey,our trusty concrete guy. 

Plotting out where we were going to place the new benches and tee pads. Once I knew what he needed,I got to work. I spray painted lines on the ground where the new benches and tee pads were going in and needed to be dug out.

like this one:


and this one:


IMG_1378 IMG_1365 IMG_1380 IMG_1387 IMG_1360 IMG_1397

Here are just a few picture that are showing how things are shaping up around Lakewood. The shape of things to come are going to be pretty cool. Stay tuned.......













On April 9th and 10th we’ll get things rolling with both a Northside and Southside Series Opener. Each will be a 1-day PDGA singles event to get everyone warmed up for the coming disc golf season.

In May, look for a Matchplay singles event to popup on the schedule soon. This type of tournament operates a lot like “March Madness” with a bracket and mono-a-mono showdowns to the top of the ladder.

On Friday June 10th, we’ll be putting together an official pre-Battle in Seattle BYOP PDGA doubles tournament called “Calm Before the Battle”. This will be a one-round affair at Lakewood starting in the afternoon so you can put the final touches on your Battle plan for the weekend.

July is going to be a full month of really unique events including two State Championships:

The Sudoku Showdown will be held at SeaTac on Saturday, July 9th. This will be a 150 Class tournament where players can throw only 150 class discs, just like the Japan Open. Word from PDGA is that this will be the first sanctioned 150 class event in the US!

The Washington State Overalls Championships will be held on the weekend of July 23-24. This type of event is kind of like a disc golf Olympics where players compete in a number of Frisbee events in addition to disc golf. We’ll be playing one round of PDGA singles each morning and then in the afternoon, we’ll head to the fields for an official laser-measured Distance competitionAccuracyMaximum Time Aloft (MTA), and Throw, Run and Catch (TRC).

The Washington State SuperClass Championships will be the first-ever chance to take home a State SuperClass title in Washington or anywhere! This will be a standard PDGA singles event on Saturday, July 30th similar to last year’s Seattle SuperClassic event.

The Sudoku Showdown, Washington State Overalls, and Washington State SuperClass will all have lower entry fees and a focus on trying out these other disc golf options rather than playing for $$$ and prizes.

Finally, we’ll be wrapping up the series on August 28th with the Chainbangers Summer Series Finale. We’re still investigating different formats for this one (ideas appreciated), but rest-assured it will be a fun wrap-up to the summer series with plenty of golf, side games, and an after-party! 
this link can be found here


Special thanks to Andrew Rivers (CDGC events coordinator) for an action packed summer.





Its official as of Dec. 2010 the votes are in and here are the current admin

positions for the 2011 Chainbangers Disc Golf Club (CDGC).


President: Keith Lionetti

Vice President: Kelly Smith

Teasurer: Thomas Little

Promotions: Sheila Teves

Communications: Tim Coye

Events Coordinator: Andrew Rivers

Maintenance Supervisor: Erick Illg





Course improvement goals:


1) blackberry and scotch broom removal, opening up left and right of fairways 

2) filling holes throughout course to flatten the overall appreance not only for safety while playing,but to be able to maintain and mow bulk of course  propery and safely

3) building up ground around tee pads for a more level and safe surface while repairing and expanding on all tee pads





Feb 2011


Saturday March 5th                 Sunday March 6th 

Erick Illg- 8                           Erick Illg-6

Keith Lionetti-8                      Keith Lionetti-6

Ron Wallace-8                       Ron Wallace-6

Jub-8                                  Jub-5

Larry-8                                Andrew Rivers-5

Andrew Rivers-4                    Thomas Little-4 

Sheila Teves-4                      Steve Paulus-4

Thomas Little-3                     Bradley Brunson-4

Ron Winter-6                        John Smithson-4

Catherine Winter-6                  

Aaron Hintington-3                 TOTAL: 42

Tuffi Dolan-3

Captain Jack-6




TOTAL BOTH DAYS: 117 hours



Erick Illg-40

Keith Lionetti-30


March total hours: 187






Erick Illg:40

Keith Lionetti:35




Erick Illg:7

Capt. Jack:5


Ted Couliard:3


John Money: 35

Brent Smith:4

John River : 25

Derek Bagel:20 

Eric Edge:15



May 2011



John River:80

John Money:15

Ron Wallace:20

Erick Illg:30


May totals:385


June 2011



Erick Illg:10

Ron Wallace:8


June totals: 118


July 2011




July totals:50


August 2011



Erick Illg:30


August totals: 70


September 2011



Erick Illg:35



Frank Boyd:5

Mike Good:5



Sept totals: 124


October 2011



Erick Illg:10



October totals:40


November 2011



Erick Illg:12


Jan 2012



Erick Illg: 22


March 2012 


Ed Diebold 12

Erick Illg: 30

Keith: 20

Chuck Lyter:10


April 2012


Eric Edge:5

Erick Illg: 10

Keith: 8


May 2012


Erick Illg:50


June 2012



Ron Wallace: 10

Erick Illg:20



July 2012


Erick Illg:10



August 2012


Chuck Lyter:30

Keith Lionetti:25

Erick Illg:20


Sept 2012


Chuck Lyter: 40

Eric Hassencamp:30

Dave Swanson: 20

Erick Illg:20

Keith Lionetti:45


Oct 2012


John Pitts Cambell:25

Chuck Lyter:30

Erci Hassencamp:30

Keith Lionetti:25

Ercik Illg: 20

Dave Swanson:15

Eric Edge:6



Nov 2012


Erick Illg:20


Keith Lionetti:30

Chuck Lyter:20

Eric Hassencamp:20


Dec 2012


Keith Lionetti:8

Erick Illg:12


March 2013


Keith Lionetti:150

Erick Illg:155

Chuck Lyter:160

Erci Hassencamp:145

Dave Swanson:145

John Pitts Cambell:130


April 2013


Erick Illg:25

Keith Lionetti:10


May 2013


Chuck Lyter:35

Eric Hassencamp:35

Keith Lionetti:45

Erick Illg:45

Eric Edge:5

Tony F: 12

Anthony Hamilton:6

Robb Jones Gunn:6


June 2013


Erick Illg:20

Keith Lionetti:45

Chuck Lyter:45

Eric Hassencamp:35

Gene McConnell:10

Eric Edge:5

Aaron Holley:5


July 2013


Eric Hassencamp:45

Chuck Lyter:45

Dave Swanson:45

John Pitts Cambell:45

Keith Lionetti:20

Erick Illg:10


August 2013 


Keith Lionetti:100

Chuk Lyter:125

Eric Hassencamp:122

John Pitts Cambell:120

Dave Swanson:100

Erick Illg:90


Sept 2013


Gene McConnel:50

Chris Auseth:15


Keith Lionetti:80

Erick Illg:90

Chuck Lyter:60

Eric Hassencamp:45


Oct 2013


Erick Illg: 40

Keith Lionetti:25


Nov 2013


Gene McConnell:20

Keith Lionetti: 40

Erick Illg:25


Dec 2013


Gene McConnel:10

Keith Lionetti:40

Ryan Fitts:1

Jo Fashow:1

Shave Erv:4

Ryan Daley:4

Ryan Nations:2

Dan Medina:4

Nicholas Shuler:5

Nate Bell:4

Pete Melchoir:3

















Under the Discovering Open Spaces umbrella is the newest organization

Click here to download a printable brochure about the CDGC. (PDF)



We are very excited about CDGC and have some great ideas that are sure to insight interest in at least a few Disc Golfers. First and foremost,this club is available to anyone & everyone. This is not an exclusive club, it is literally for everyone, with no age, race, or sex discrimination. We are not limiting this club to any 1 set course, city, county, township, state, or country. We want to emphasize the need to unify,not segregate for something as menial as,where you play disc golf.We have been around disc golf long enough to have old school ethics and also think progressively. We feel if we can't move along fast enough we may get left behind. Disc Golf is growing at such an alarming rate that if our thinking doesn't change towards organizing better we will pay dearly later on,or simply just get passed up. If you want to join its as easy as clicking below. You can choose your level of membership and involvement. Just specify your shirt size,disc type(you can request a weight for your disc. however we cannot guarantee you will get that exact weight.We WILL get as close as we can with what we have in stock) specify what you want your mini/member card to say(I will wood burn your name and # on it otherwise). You will be taken to paypal where you can securely pay online. After that you will receive your members packet. If you feel more comfortable,and live in the Seattle area, stop by Chainbangerz Disc Golf Shop and you can pay for your membership and receive your perks package in the store.Or feel free to call in your order, we gladly accept all credit cards. (206)601-1188









Chainbangers Disc Golf Club (CDGC) is an organized group of Disc Golfers formed to represent their collective Disc Golf interests.

Here are a few reasons why we are choosing to umbrella under Discovering Open Spaces: 


No tax on a federal, state, and local level, and therefore we can devote a larger proportion of our resources to achieving our particular goals. The status can also qualify us,as well as any other clubs in the state that want to umbrella under Discovering Open Spaces,for special grants or government funding, as well as special rates for services or even postage. This comes in handy for weekly,monthly, or yearly newsletters. Donors prefer contributions to a 501(c)(3)NPO because they can deduct the payments from their own taxes.

The shelter under Discovering Open Spaces offers advantages in itself. Since nonprofits exist as corporations, they possess all the benefits of corporate status. The corporate form shields owners and managers of the organization from personal liability for the clubs actions, subject to certain legal exceptions. Nonprofit incorporation formalizes the clubs goals and helps maintain organizational focus as the effort grows.

Not to mention the struggle most clubs have with insurance. As an option,other than the PDGA,we can offer any club under the DOS umbrella for any tournament in any disc golf course within the state of Washington. Simply join the club.


The Club's purpose is to:

Coordinate the members' efforts in matters of:

  • Course development, improvement, and maintenance,
  • Program and event scheduling and development,
  • Communication with members, recreational disc golfers, the community, the respective park departments and other clubs.

Provide club members an organization:

  • To promote disc golf membership and participation locally and regionally,
  • To voice their opinions and participate in a disc golf organization,
  • To provide credibility with park departments, potential sponsors, and the PDGA,
  • To expand disc golf in the area.



I admit that I am a chainbanger. I confess that I have an addiction for plastic. I have an uncontrollable desire to play disc golf. I will be fair, honest, and respect the course, the game, and my fellow disc golfers at all times. I will represent all that is good and fun about disc golf to the best of my abilities. I will be patient with newbs on the course and offer any tips that may help.



  • One year membership in the Chainbangers Disc Golf Club (CDGC).
  • A membership mini with a permanent member number(for $20 more get a cool shirt and a CFR disc)
  • Free CDGC mailings and newsletters.
  • Discounts at chainbangerz disc golf shop.
  • Get discounts on entry fees for official sanctioned CDGC events.




Dues Schedule:


$20 a year

for $20 more you get a really cool shirt and choice of CFR disc (changes yearly)



Perks Package:

Every member gets a member mini with your name or nickname engraved as well as your member number.

If you upgarde you will get a shirt and a rare disc. There will be occasional sales for members ony at chainbangerz disc golf shop.

Every year there will be a new design for all members perks pack



  • Maintain active club status and dues.
  • Support the Club, its sponsors, and its members and friends.
  • Assist with course maintenance and clean-up. (Min. of twice/year)
  • Give assistance to new players and visitors.
  • Abide by PDGA rules of courtesy, integrity, and responsibility.




Suspension of Membership:

A member may be suspended by the Director for any of the following:

  • Repeated unsportsmanlike conduct, such as: cursing, throwing objects in anger (other than discs), excessive displays of anger, overt rudeness, threats or willful physical harm to anyone present.
  • Willful destruction or harming of park property, plant life, or wildlife.
  • Cheating: A willful attempt to circumvent the rules.
  • Activities that are in violation of the law, park regulations, or Club rules
  • Being a d-bag
  • Not complying to club rules set aside by board and its members

The suspension shall continue until the next regularly scheduled club meeting. The suspended member may address the Club. A 2/3 quorum must be present at the meeting and a positive simple majority vote will be required for reinstatement. During a suspension, the suspended party loses all Club privileges and voting rights. There will be NO reimbursement of Club dues. A suspended member that is denied reinstatement may reapply the following year but is subject to the same voting approval requirement at that time.




The Club shall conduct meetings and business in a parliamentary manner with a Board of Directors who then conduct club business based on the input from the club membership.

  • A quorum of 40% or 7 voting club members minimum must be present in order to conduct a vote. A quorum can also be met by the presence of 2/3 of the standing Club officers.
  • A simple majority is required to pass or deny a resolution.
  • A 2/3 club majority is required to pass or deny a Referendum, amend the Charter, or to reinstate a suspended member or officer.



  • Quarterly Meetings: The Club shall meet at the shop (Jan,May & Sept)
  • Annual Meetings: The Club shall meet in September for the annual meeting. The annual meeting shall consist of the election of officers.
  • Council Meetings: Supplementary quarterly meetings of the Club officials and Charter members to discuss long range goals, appointments, special projects, or emergency situations.
  • Special Elections: Special Elections may be called requiring a 2/3 quorum at a monthly meeting to replace or add an officer during the year. The Chairman may appoint a temporary officer if needed.
  • Absentee Voting: Members who are unable to attend a meeting may submit an absentee vote for matters of interest to them by submitting their opinion / vote to the Chairman in writing prior to the meeting. This does not replace the member's duty to attend meetings.



Some Club business may be too important to decide at a monthly meeting and may require a vote of the entire membership at the annual meeting or at a special meeting. These Referendums must be voted on by a 2/3 quorum and be approved by a 2/3 majority.




All official Club operations shall be overseen by a Club officer. It shall be the duty of all elected officers to do their best to serve the Club and to fulfill their responsibilities. Officers are required to attend Club and Board meetings. Only active members may be elected and hold office. An officer may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote by the Club. All Club officers shall be PDGA members. All terms shall be for one year periods.


The President shall preside over meetings and direct overall Club operations. The President shall be a PDGA member and official. The President shall be Sergeant-at-Arms and administer all judgments related to Club rules. The President may appoint temporary replacements for officials who can not complete their terms. The President is to be a standing Director elected by the Board of Directors.

The Vice-President shall assist the President and shall be second in charge when ever the President is not available. The Vice-President shall be a PDGA member and official and is to be a standing Director elected by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer shall manage, account, and disperse all common Club funds. This officer shall provide financial status reports at each monthly meeting and at the annual meeting.

The Membership Director shall oversee all aspects of membership including but not limited to: collection of dues, maintaining a club database, correspondence with members, and regular projects to help grow the Club. This officer shall oversee the Club web site and maintain the Club email address. The Club shall pay for all service charges.

Events Coordinator:

 The Events Coordinator shall oversee all Club disc golf events. This officer shall coordinate scheduling (within the club and with other clubs), organization and leadership of club events including but not limited to: all sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments, leagues, weekly doubles, all fund raisers, and all special events. The Programming Director shall accept applications and appoint Event Directors and help recruit volunteers.

Maintenance Supervisor:
The maintenance supervisor shall be responsible for course maintenance, course improvements and course development. This officer shall conduct monthly clean-up and maintenance projects covering all courses as well as coordinating work with the respective parks departments. All course modifications must be approved by a referendum vote by the membership.

Appointments and Committees:
All Directors are encouraged to create committees, receive applications and make appointments for special assignments for their respective positions. It is not the intent that the Director does all the work but that the work gets done. This also helps to develop future club leaders and officers. Appointments shall be reviewed by the Chairman of the Board as a check and balance.

All appointments and committees shall be selected from volunteers and members may not be drafted for the position. All appointees and committee members must be members in good standing with the Club.

A person may be elected to more than one directorship. If one of the directorships goes unfilled, the duties of that position are to be divided among the other standing directors.

Each member of the Board and each Charter member will have one vote per person during Board meeting. The Chairman may cast the additional deciding vote in the event of a tie.