Ace Pot results

April 25th at sea-tac, the weather was perfect for disc golf. Not too much wind,no rain and the sun was out.

No complaints in that dept.

We offered CTP's on 2 holes #5 & #10 as well as a grand prize.

The attendees were as follows

open: Adam Clark

        Ray Sanchez

        Bjorn Pinney

        Andy Pinney


Am: Matt Kerner

      Chris Costa

      Keith Lionetti

      Rob Burg

INt: Steve Rarick

      Sean Henrickson


1st place open : Bjorn Pinney $50 and 1 dga sparkle disc with a raffle ticket to win 9 mach 3 red powder coated baskets

2nd place open: Ray Sanchez $30 plus he won a ctp (actually I was closer,but How lame would that be to accept my own prizes?) the prize was a beanie a hat 2 koozies and a sweet yoda chainbangerz shirt

3rd place open: Andy Pinney $15


1st place Am: Chris Costa $10 won it after a 2 hole playoff

2nd place am: Rob Burg $30 in scrip payout he also got a CTP on hole #10 which consisted of a chainbangerz umbrella($35 value) a micro fiber towel and a shirt.


1st place INT: Sean Hendrickson $20 scrip payout. 

The ace pot is currently at $200

Thanks to all who attended. Keep in mind next month has 5 Sundays so we are gonna add a 5th sunday Dubs into the mix. Please help get the word out that all intermediates are welcomed and we would love to see more of you participating in these events.