Cascade Flyers Part 1

Very excitied about the latest edition to disc golf education in schools. This specific school is integral because of its location, it happens to sit right next to Lakewood disc golf course. Some of the holes are actually on neighboring Evergreen High School property. Surprisingly when I called the PE teacher last year to inquire about starting up a disc golf program for the students this fall, no one has ever approached the school to educate the students about disc golf, but everyone seems to know about the course. When I presented it to the students in the gym to promote sign ups for a 10 week fall after school program starting on Tuesday, a large percent of the students knew about disc golf,some even have "claimed" to played next door. Reassuring to know that some students know the basics. It makes it easier to jump right into playing rounds with them, and honing in thier skills. Even for those who have never heard of disc golf with 10 weeks, thats plenty of time to teach them basic skills needed to start bangin some chains.