July ace pot results

July 18th was a great day for bangin some chains. 

The largest attendance so far there were 18 players consisting of 6 pros,6 ams,6 intermediates.

It was unique because I had unveiled 2 of the new holes that will be part of the new layout at Lakewood:

which were new #1 & #15 . It was exciting the see peoples reactions to these new holes & the fresh smell of change In the air. As well as chains.

This event was perfect because it took place the weekend before dual nature(2010 Lakewood open that was held at both Lakewood and sea-tac) and was held at both Lakewood and sea-tac disc golf courses as part of a tune up, before the tourney. 

the pros had a 2 way tie for 1st and 2nd place that had to go to sudden death,here were the results:

1st place Ming Vang 

2nd place Bjorn Pinney

3rd place Tuffi Dolan 



1st place Rob "ace" Burg

2nd place Rob Brown



1st place Keith Lionetti

2nd place Zach Ruziska


no aces this month, but the chains were shuttering a few times.

Better luck in August. As always thanks for the support.