Lakewood Design Commitee

If you haven't heard the news about Lakewood Disc Golf Course, maybe your better off. Stop reading now and continue to play disc golf and enjoy it as much as you always have. If you have heard the news thats been whirling around for a few years now then you know about the TAF organization and the plans for them putting a 14 million dollar 2 story building in the park. What you may not know is that It's going right in the middle of the #18 fairway. Not only will this effect that hole, but numorous others that are situated around the upper parking lot. As terrible as this news is, if your hearing it for the first time now, it is inneviatable. The good news is that King County Parks has a large amount of money they are awarding the disc golf community in respect to the efforts and appeal disc golf has brought to this park. Under the DOS umbrella the Lakewood Disc Golf Club have formed a committee to help relocate some of the holes at Lakewood. We have made some great progress so far and hope to have a map to submit for approval in the next few weeks.  

Also what this means is that with any money that is not being used for this project, we can and will be using it to go towards the development of more disc golf courses in the greater Seattle area.

Chains for the better.