weed wack the tac

Wednesday the 16th we will be closing the shop and bringing our weed wackers and mowers to sea-tac.

We should be starting as early as 10am and going till the machines burn out or the sunlight fades.As much as we would like to provide enough riding mowers and weed wackers and gloves for everyone we only have our own that we are bringing from home. Please bring what you can and we will try to provide you with drinks and food.  

If you are a member keep in mind that if you put in some hours here you can put that towards your DISCount. 

How that works is: We will offer 10% to any member who puts in 10 volunteer hours that he/she has put in at any course.So if you rack up 10 hours that is a 15% DISCount and if you rack up 20 hours that is a 25% DISCount. We will offer it only in 10 hours increments. And keep in mind if we are not around to see your work we need some kind of proof to honor this.   

This Wednesday will be a perfect day to put in some hours toward that. And I think we all know it needs some grooming (although the back nine has got some decent looking fairways right now)

Any or all of your help is greatly appreciated. Please pass it on