These minutes listed below reflect two meetings held since last board meeting.

MINUTES for  2-14-11 and 10-14-11

Lakewood updates

Its just a matter of time now until the makeover at Lakewood is going to happen.This is very exciting news in that we have been eager to see this change go underway before any of the TAF building construction starts happening. Look for more updates as far as work parties to help out in this process as it will be needed.

Asa Mercer Flyers Part 2

Wednesday starts up the 8 week fall program at Asa Mercer Middle School. Looking forward to getting back out there since we have 9 portable baskets, once the curriculum gets going we are able to set up a different course each week. If the program keeps going strong I want to try my best to get some baskets inside Jefferson golf course pitch & putt course right next to Asa Mercer. Then its just a matter of instilling disc golf into the PE program at Asa Mercer as well as surrounding schools. What can I say I like to dream big.

Cascade Flyers Part 1

Very excitied about the latest edition to disc golf education in schools. This specific school is integral because of its location, it happens to sit right next to Lakewood disc golf course. Some of the holes are actually on neighboring Evergreen High School property. Surprisingly when I called the PE teacher last year to inquire about starting up a disc golf program for the students this fall, no one has ever approached the school to educate the students about disc golf, but everyone seems to know about the course.

Disc Counts Of Hometown

Tuesday the 24th of August was a great day for hitting the links. On this particular day it was an even better reason to bang some chains.On this day it just so happened that me and my good friend Ryan Foster would have the honor and privilege to play a disc golf course before it was even open to the public. Im sure your wondering how this could happen. Well lets go back a few days to the 19th of August. I had taken some time off to attend my sisters wedding reception in beautiful Manchester,Ohio.

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July ace pot results

July 18th was a great day for bangin some chains. 

The largest attendance so far there were 18 players consisting of 6 pros,6 ams,6 intermediates.

It was unique because I had unveiled 2 of the new holes that will be part of the new layout at Lakewood:

which were new #1 & #15 . It was exciting the see peoples reactions to these new holes & the fresh smell of change In the air. As well as chains.