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We are a non-profit organization whose mission statement is to educate our community the importance of healthy recreation & education through the development of new disc golf courses and maintaining & improving existing disc golf courses.

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Current projects we are involved with:


CPG program. City of Seatac city council has approved 9 additional holes to add to the existing 18 holes. We hope to use some funds from the CPG program in order for use to complete this project.We are also working with King County Parks to find a home for a new disc golf course inside at least one of their parks.


Applying for the Green Space Levy Opportunity fund,  both for development & acquisition, to find out more about that go here:   http://www.cityofseattle.net/parks/levy/opportunity.htm

The specific city of Seattle Parks properties that were are applying grants to propose new disc golf course development are :West crest,Woodland,Seward,Discovery,Lincoln,Volunteer,Hamlin,& Marymoor. Also included is the West Duwamish Greenbelt. This list of parks is huge, they are among some of the most popular well sought after parks for activities. We know this is an uphill battle, but we hope to not climb it alone. We have also applied for an acquisition fund located at :9501 S.myers Way (which is very close to the West crest park & the East Duwamish Greenbelt) This would mean that once Parks acquires this land from the previous owners, it would become a recreational facility that could host a very nice Disc Golf Course within its 48 acres.

We had attempted to apply for the Neighborhood Matching Fund,but are awaiting a letter to hear of the progress for that particular grant.

We are teaming up with Seattle Unified School District to implement Disc Golf into participating schools PE program or to offer it as an after school program. This could be structured as a Team sport or a Club,we leave that up to the school to decide which direction to take it. It has been done in cities throughout the US & has proved very successful.We are very excited particularly about Cascade Middle School , which happens to be located right next to one of the states nicest disc golf courses, Lakewood Disc Golf Course. We hope to gain more support with other schools. This can be a great way to show team spirit, printing your school mascot on a disc, or your specific team name, how cool is that? Some other great options are you can travel to other schools to play their teams.If you attend a school who has never heard of this or work for a school or know anyone who works for a school that might be interested in us giving a presentation about the fundamental basics of disc golf please feel free to contact us by phone: (206)601-1188 or e-mail: chainbangerz@gmail.com 


We are currently working with King County Parks & Recreation Department and applying for the Youth Sports Field Grant (YSFG)and the Community Partnership Grant (CPG) for new disc golf courses and for upkeep & redesign of an existing course (Lakewood). The current stage of that is: we are looking for a park(s) which will fulfill our needs, we are close to narrowing that down to a top 5 scenario. Who knows maybe all 5 will be in running for new disc golf course. We sure hope so, and with the rapidly growing amount of disc golf attendance,& lack of places to play,we don't think too many people would complain.


Discovering Open Spaces has opened up its umbrella to the Lakewood Design Committee (LDC) which is meeting for the project: New Layout, and are trying to agree upon a map to submit to King County for the redesign of Lakewood Disc Golf Course. This course will be needing a makeover due to a rather large TAF building that will be put on parks property. This building will be directly in conflict with some existing holes.