Blown up version of:

* Three 18 hole layout

    * red/white

    * blue

    * gold 

* 9 hole light up pitch &putt 

* Large group camp

* Parking overflows(for large events)

* New entry

* Parking lot

* Pro shop

* Club house

Flowing Lake Disc Golf Course will be a 100 acre megaplex consisting of


* 11 campsites

* 30 Utility sites

* 4 cabins 


* 8 more cabins

*16 more campsites

* 30 more utility sites

* 267 new parking spots - 121 existing = 388 new total

* three new 18 hole disc golf courses

     *1 red/white tees  1 blue tees  1 gold tees

         * All with at least 2 pin placements

* Multiple large group camp sites (able to host up to at    least 200)

* Full service pro shop

* Club house

* Light up 9 hole pitch and putt  


What is unique about this project is that it will have the infrastructure to host every single skill level from those who have never played,and playing for the first time,to world champ 1000+ rated skill level. 

This is a large project with many moving parts,and has taken over 3 years of planning and meetings just to get to this stage.

Where we are currently is:

We need a wetland recconnaissance done in order to get the proper permits and permission to get started.


So... we have started multiple fundraisers located

here and are asking for any assistance within the disc golf community.

Please help us reach our $6000 goal or.... if you have any background in wetlands,plant identification,hydrological indicators and soil profiles/classification. This will provide assistance to our ecologist and lessen these overall costs. 

Any and all donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. 

Thank you for all your help and interest in moving forward with this amazing new edition.


Here is at least 4 ways of reaching our goal & you getting cool things in return. 
(Although Flowing Lake itself is ultimately a pretty cool result we should all appreciate & enjoy).

*****ACE of SPADES ♠️*****
tickets drawn every Friday @ 6pm. 
Pot is up to $360!

Tickets are $1, buy as many as you’d like.

You can even PayPal.
**if buying inside chainbangers disc golf shop you write your name on ticket (with phone # or best way to get in touch).If you bought tickets via PayPal we will write your name on tickets for you.
**if you ticket is picked,you pick a number 1-54. Deck of cards are numbered face down(minus the ones that have already been flipped***see Facebook page for updated cards***). 
** If the number you chose was an ace of spades you win the pot!!
** all all jokers & face cards Pay 20% of pot(until we get the pot beyond $1000,then they will pay $200)
**20% of pot will go to Flowing Lake.

Good luck and THANKS for participating. 

2) Basket raffle. Check out this link


3) You can adopt a basket out at North Seatac Disc Golf Course. You get to also put your name on the back of the number plate on the new basket.There are only 2 that remain. Price for that is $420. More pics and info located @

4) For $120 you can have your name welded unto the tee signs that are going in @ Flowing Lake! First dibs on a brand new course!!! (Just like at RWM)

There will be 72 that will be going in, so act now and be a part of history as well as help us get this project underway.

Simply paypal the money and let us know what you would like the tee post to say. 

So there’s 5 awesome ways to help fund this tremendous project that will be a treat for all to enjoy. 
You could win money,or a basket. You could enjoy some tasty limited run collector style craft beer. Have your name on a basket or tee sign. All equally great things! 
Please help us reach our goal.
Thanks for your support!! 
All of these options feel free to PayPal: